Crawling spiders and Google Search issues

I created my first blog, the health blog, in 2007. My co-administrator/site manager, a fabulous generous person!!!, did most of the truly boring (read: technical) stuff for me, such as setting my blog up with Google Analytics, getting it to be indexed properly by Google, and so on. I never asked her to show me how to do any of that stuff. I thought I’d never need to know.

My blogging assistant…

But now, here I am, years later, with a second blog. This time, I’m going to give all this technical setup stuff a go on my own.

Now, since my blog still doesn’t show up in a Google search, I need to learn how to get my blog “indexed” by Google, a very complicated procedure for someone who barely knows how to turn on the computer and freaks out when her new kitten turns off the sound (how does he do that???), and she can’t figure out what he did and how to undo it…🙂 

At any rate, this morning I did a few (read: many) searches on Google where I found this, er, explanation (?):

For content to show up on Google Search, it has to go through spiders. No, not real spiders, but a program called spider. The spider will start with a link, which it will then crawl through the content. If they see another link embedded in the content, they will crawl it too, and the process repeats. Crawled contents, or web pages, are then stored in Google’s index. When a user made a query, answers are pulled from the index. So in order for your content to show on Google Search, you have to first make sure your website is crawlable by Google’s crawler called Googlebot. Then you have to make sure it’s indexed correctly by the indexer which is called Caffeine. Then only will you see your content or website appearing on Google Search.”

“Crawling spiders”????? Couldn’t Google have come up with something cuter, such as “Purring kittens”? Oh well.

I just installed the Google Analytics plugin, and now I need some, er, Caffeine. Off I go…By the way, if you have any suggestions as to how I can get my blog crawled by Google, I’d be glad to receive ’em! 😉 

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