Cats like potato chips?????

When I first glanced at this article (see below link to the Fully Feline blog), this is how I read the first sentence:

“Apparently, cats like potato chips.”


Wait, whaaaaaat? Cats LIKE potato chips??? Impossible! I began having visions of feeding potato chip as treats to my cats… 😯

Oh, wait, no, phew, my mistake.

The sentence actually reads as follows: Apparently, cats are LIKE potato chips…In other words, if you have one cat, you must have another, and so on. Okay, that makes total sense (writes a woman who has SEVEN cats…).

And, in fact, the article states that most people have at least two cats…2.4 cats to be exact (a bit scary to imagine what that .4 cat looks like, eh! Just kidding!).

Okay, enough with the silliness…

The “Fully Feline” article tells us about the social behavior of cats and offers some good advice for people who have more than one cat.

Now, since I don’t have much time to write today, I’ll just go ahead and post the link to the article and hope that you’ll find it interesting, too: