The great thing about having a cat blog

Pixie, July 2019

The great thing about having a cat blog is that if you don’t have time to write a post, or don’t feel like writing a post (today, it’s the latter), you can just publish a photo of a cat.

I decided to publish a couple of photos of our Pixie today. I took the first one, on the right, last summer…the second, just a couple of months ago.

Pixie has just turned 3 years old and is one of the sweetest kitties I’ve ever had.

She also does some really funny things, like lie on her back with her paws waving in the air.

Pixie, June 2020

I have heaps of photos of her in this position.

She often falls asleep like this, too, on our bed, paws frozen in one position.

Sweet, adorable Pixie!